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Doyy Caviar Royale

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Doyy Caviar Royale. The best quality caviar, prepared by our 'Caviar Master' Ilham Iskenderov, offers an incredible taste explosion to your senses .

The caviar has a beautifull pearl-grey to light-/ darkgreen color with accents of hazelnut. It is a creamy, light nutty caviar, with a long aromatic aftertaste. Caviar Royale is special selected, and has a minimum diameter over 3mm, and because of that it deserves to be named 'Royale'.

Because the unique treatment of the caviar by our Caviar Master, who only uses 100% natural products while harvesting and preparing the caviar, the taste of the caviar is optimal. Our caviar is prepared with a minimum quantity of salt, and no preservatives are added.

The taste of the caviar is 100% natural, the way it's supposed to be.

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